State of things:

Well, since my last post things have of course been hectic. The move to the storage room has been successful, and we are living temporarily in Sanford with my Mom and Dad. We have secured an apartment and will be in it on the 11th of October. Jenn and I both work now for Whole Foods, and since we have but one car between us, it's a better deal than one might expect. We have a fantastic apartment that is all of 6 miles from our work, and is below what we had budgeted for rent- We're getting a 2 story, 2 bedroom for $579 p/mth. That's quite a deal, and certainly cheaper than the other apt's we looked at. It's all about the specials, calling every apt. in the guide and getting prices, and demanding the best prices.

more to come later as I continue my incommunicado stage for the next month.


Trying to get my bearings straight

So I hear that nurses make about $100,000 a year.

That's a high end estimate, sure, but it is worth a look none the less. Add that to cheaper rent/housing/gas, and you have a winning combination.

Thing is, the classes start next year- next fall in fact...

So, we're trying to get things moving. I'm probably going to end up working at a restaurant down there, and Jenn is trying to find something appropriate now. Found some places to live, but that's a few months off. We'll probably float for a month and then get our place.

I am both happy and sad to be moving. We really did try here, but the money is just not worth the headaches of daily life. It isn't even a shadow of what it was 5 years ago, let alone 10.

So that is our plan right now. Move now, ask questions later. I'll get something down there that will pay enough....


What is it with people and the need to give me a job?

I was in the gas station's quick-e-mart this morning, when a gentleman decided to talk to me:

"Hey, how old are you big guy?"


"Well, I would have said you were 19, cuz the Redskins are having tryouts and you should play for them."

The guy behind the counter said "You tryin to get someone injured ain't ya?" (talking to my new recruiter)


Test results-

Seems I wasn't quite what they were looking for. There are other avenues of course, that I will persue. All of which hinge on our moving to NC in the next few months so that we can get to a more respectable cost of living.


Gnarly dude.

Apparently there has been a group over in the UK that has been kicking quite a bit of ass lately. Gnarls Barkley, whose "Crazy" I heard the other day on US radio. Upon further inspection, it's Dangermouse and his cohort Cee Lo (Of the goodie mob- more on that in a sec). Danger did a great job on the Gray Album, and now it seems he is finding an appropriate voice for the usually voiceless electronic music.

Now then, I have a policy. I don't watch any videos made by anyone who is a member of a "gang" "mob" "crew" or "posse." But, for some reason- I actually LIKED Goodie Mob, and this use of Cee Lo shows some absolute skill in lyric writing and in talent.

Meh, download it already. The whole album is worth it.


Mash ups-

Found a neat site, with a genre I had forgotten about- The Mash up.

The best known mash up of my Generation is probably "The Gray Album" by Dangermouse, or even- god help me- JayZ and Linkin Park.

That said, I came across this site which had an AWESOME mashup of La Grange and Hit The Road Jack- by a guy named Mixsplosiv. Its one of only 2 that he did, and honestly, I would have liked to see more from him.

Pink vs. Fear Factory, sure why not.

Gorillaz vs. NiN? That's a natch.

Gwen Stefani vs. Blur? Oh yeah...

So, some nice mixes there- would love to find more.


Ginger Altoids will melt your mouth.

So, I was in this neat paper shop in Alexandria, when I came across this very interesting goody. Among other things of interest:

Big Baby Book about Breasts

The Official Baby Users Guide

The Yoga guide for real men by wrestler Diamond Dallas Page (DDP)

and quite possibly, the best book ever-

"Adventures Of Cow"

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